Marketing Catalyst Package - Path Three Marketing

Marketing Catalyst Package

"Marketing is essentially getting someone that has a need to know, like and trust you."
- John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing

An Advanced System to Meet Your Marketing Needs 

Package Highlights

Strategy and Content Planning - We help you clarify your strategy so that the actions we take will help you accomplish your goal.  We then plan out content that effectively communicates with your prospects and clients.

Keyword Content Plan - The keyword plan ensures that you will use the terms that your prospects and customers use when looking for your product or service.  We also help you select words that will be effective in search engines and other online tools.

WordPress Website - We will build you a website that will be a marketing powerhouse to serve your business.  The site will integrate with your other activities to move your prospects to clients.   And yes, it will work great on mobile devices.

Editorial Calendar - The editorial calendar helps keep your messaging focused on answering your prospects and customers questions over the many issues that impact their decisions to buy from you.

Blog Posts - We prepare blog posts for your that are aligned with your strategy, keywords and editorial calendar.  These posts are a key element of your content marketing and add real power to your communications.

Social Media Updates - If a tree falls in the forest and there isn't a social media update, did it really happen?  Making sure your messages are regularly in front of your prospects on social media can pay big benefits.  We make these updates happen systematically.

Reviews and Ratings - Good reviews play a big part as people decide whether to become your customer or not. We help you deploy a system that will help you to get more authentic positive reviews online. 

Key Metrics Dashboard - We will build and update your marketing dashboard with the right data to help you effectively manage your marketing activities.  The dashboard is key to doing more of what is working and adjusting or eliminating what is not working.

Are you ready to implement a complete marketing system?