Facilitation - Path Three Marketing



From time to time, all organizations and businesses need to recalibrate the big picture of what they are seeking to accomplish.   We have experience in working with organizations to clarify their vision and mission and then to strategically address what needs to be accomplished.  Then we help you to determine the actions that must be taken to move towards success.  Our short hand way of describing the processes we us is "Strategy Before Tactics."

If your strategic challenges are in the area of marketing, we have many proven tools and processes to help get your company on track.  One of the most powerful tools is our Marketing Foundation Workshop where we work with your team in an intensive two-day process to create the basic elements for a successful marketing plan. 

We also have experience in facilitating strategic planning on an even more global basis.  Our experience in finance and accounting, marketing and operations along with our proven facilitation techniques can facilitate a process to give your organization what it needs to define and achieve a successful future.