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Consulting and Coaching


Do you need assistance with charting the path for your business’s marketing? Consulting from Path Three Marketing may just be the ticket for you. We can tailor a set of services to assess your current situation, clearly define your desired situation and then chart a set of actions to overcome the obstacles that are holding your business back, we call it “Strategy Before Tactics.”

We also offer very specialized consulting services including a Marketing Foundation Workshop. In the workshop, we work with your team (in some case, the whole company) to address the marketing issues impacting your business to build a strategic marketing plan.

Prior to the workshop, we interview a group of your customers to determine what they really value about your offerings and where you may be falling short. We will also do key word research to determine the terms that are most closely aligned with those who are seeking out what you offer online. Finally, we will also review your current website and marketing materials to understand and document your current situation.

The workshop itself is an intensive two-day process where you will be guided through a series of exercises and processes to produce the raw material for the development of your company’s strategic marketing plan. You will come away from the workshop with a set of marketing messages and an outline for marketing content based on what your customers value, an ideal customer profile so you can focus on securing the best customers for your business, an overview of your customer’s buying experience that will expose the good to keep and the bad to improve and work on, and a marketing calendar to guide your coming year’s activities.

Shortly after the workshop, we compile and organize the workshop results into a marketing plan that will focus your marketing actions for the coming year in a manner that will maximize your success. With this plan in hand, you are now armed and ready to successfully implement your marketing system.


Is your business approach tend toward the do-it-yourself style, but need some guidance and structure? Marketing coaching may be right for you.  In today's technologically connected world, finding processes and information is easy, finding the RIGHT processes and information is the challenge.  In addition, having someone there to guide your progress and hold you accountable can really help you to get started and keep going in implementing your marketing plans in order to achieve your business goals.